Schools Chess Challenge at Westfield Belconnen

Sunday, 1st November 2015

Westfield Belconnen (outside Aldi)
Benjamin Way, Belconnen, ACT


This tournament is run as an individual event, however there are also school prizes awarded.  The winning school is determined by adding the 4 highest scorers from each school.  This means that your school can enter any number of players, and there is no need to rank them by ability, or assign teams.
This tournament is a 7-round 'Swiss' competition.  This means that all players play 7 games and no-one is 'knocked out' of the tournament.

Chess clocks will be used in this event.  The time limit is 15 minutes per player per game.


Congratulations to the following primary players who received trophies:

1st Place - Joshua Lee 7/7
2nd Place - Tony Tan 6/7
3rd Place - Elliott Lee 5/7
4th Place - Ricky Luo 5/7
5th Place - Conor Carman-De Jong 5/7

Congratulations to the following primary schools who won trophies:

1st Place - Canberra Grammar School 20 Points
2nd Place - Garran Primary School 19.5 Points
3rd Place - Redhill Primary School 15.5 Points

Congratulations to the following Secondary players who received trophies

1st Place - James Ashton 6/6
2nd Place - Albert Winkleman 5/6
3rd Place - Leo Barnard 3/6
4th Place - Jiajun Ma 3/6
5th Place - Barkly Hyett 2/6

Congratulation to the following secondary schools who won trophies

1st Place - Narrabundah College 8 Points
2nd Place - Canberra Grammar School 8 Points
3rd Place - Canberra Home School 5 Points

For a full list of results please download the attached document.


The 2015 Schools Chess Challenge at Westfield Belconnen attracted 42 primary players and 7 secondary players.
Thanks to Canberra Academy of Chess and our arbiters, Bevan Clouston and Cameron Day for running the event.
Thank you to Westfield for hosting this event and to Mad Mex in Westfield who discounted lunch for all competitors.