About Us

Canberra Academy of Chess is a team of people who have one passion in common: teaching chess to others. We’ve been doing so in the ACT for since 2011. Canberra Academy works closely with Sydney Academy of Chess.

Trained coaches

All of Canberra Academy’s coaches are highly proficient players themselves. Coaches are taught effective teaching methods as well as ways of  managing groups of children of all ages. Our chess coaches meet regularly to discuss ways in which our teaching can improve.

Long History

Canberra Academy's coaches have been trained by Sydney Academy of Chess staff which was one of the first companies specialising in chess coaching in schools. 

Continual Improvement

Canberra Academy of Chess is continually seeking ways of improving their services to schools and the public. We encourage our chess coaches to improve their own playing ability. We also look into teaching methods overseas. 

Mission Statement

Canberra Academy of Chess is an organisation with the purpose of providing a quality chess coaching service to schools and individuals. We ultimately aim to bring an appreciation of chess into the minds of all in the ACT.