Woden Saturday Fun Tournament August 2015

Saturday, 1st August 2015

Canberra Academy of Chess
Unit 4, 32 Dundas Court
Phillip ACT

The second Woden Saturday Fun Tournament attracted 17 players, an increase from the first one in June.  Congratulations to co-winners Arnav Jain and Elliott Lee who both scored 6/7.  Elliott even missed the first two rounds (half-point byes) but caught up by defeating Arnav in Round 5.

Thanks to our arbiter, Cameron Day, for running the event.


1st Place Trophy (on tiebreak) - Arnav Jain 6/7
2nd Place Trophy (on tiebreak) - Elliott Lee 6/7
3rd Place Trophy (on tiebreak) - Melody McKenzie 5/7

Encouragement Medal (missed trophy on tiebreak) - Amy Nicholson 5/7

For a full list of results please download the attached document.

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