Westfield Schools Chess Challenge (Woden)

Thursday, 3rd April 2014

Westfield Woden
Keltie St, Woden, ACT


Primary Division:

1st Place - Caroline Chisholm Checkmate - 17.5/21
2nd Place - St Anthony's U-Knighted - 15.5/21
3rd Place - Caroline Chisholm All Stars - 14/21

Perfect Score Awards were awarded to
Board 1, St Anthony's Lord of Kings - Tom Vu - 7/7
Board 2, Caroline Chisholm All Stars - Aryan Ali - 7/7
Board 3, St Anthony's U-Knighted - Joey K - 7/7

Secondary Division:

1st Place - Caroline Chisholm Spartans - 15.5/21
2nd Place - Caroline Chisholm CCS Chess - 14.5/21
3rd Place - Telopea Park Unite - 13.5/21

Perfect Score Awards were awarded to
Board 1, Narrabundah College Girls - Megan Setiabudi - 7/7


The innaugral Westfield ACT School Challenge was a huge success attracting 10 teams in each division. Congratulations to Caroline Chisholm who won both divisions.

A huge thank you to all the sponsors throughout Westfield including Subway and Dicksmith who provided Prizes for us.

Some photos have been uploaded to this site.
For more photos, please visit us on Facebook.

Download Results: 
This is what it is all about
A look at the tournament from the floor above
Players gathered at the end of the day for a photo opportunity